Welcome to the Maggie Beer Foundation Professional Community

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Welcome to the Maggie Beer Foundation Professional Community

The Maggie Beer Foundation Professional Community is available to the Alumni, those that have completed Maggie Beer Foundation Education – a Masterclass or Online Module. This is a moderated forum, that will enable the Alumni to discuss topics or hold group discussions, engage with a mentor or peers to ask questions of, offer solutions and network within the industry in a secure format. The Moderator will be resourced to offer 'referenced and qualitative' input to ensure there is rigour within the discussions.

The Foundation collaborates with experts, chefs, dietitians, and speech pathologists, to share knowledge and review recipes that are scalable and or changed for texture modified diets. The Foundation has over 200 recipes in its library and the Moderator will also manage and increase the number of recipes available to the Alumni for their use.

Once you have completed an education program your ongoing involvement through the Professional Community is welcomed, please register to continue the conversation. Through your active involvement you will inform the Alliance of the Willing to further the findings and outcomes of the 2021 Congress, the Royal Commission and to influence policies for change.

Share your stories with us, tell us how the changes you are making have a positive impact on the residents in your aged care homes. The passion we share will mean we are a credible voice in the community as we become the national advocate for higher standards from those who supply food to older people, whether they are living at home, in supported care or in residential homes.

We want to increase the reach of our education programs to build the network of Alumni, add to the resource library, and to create and publish guidelines for nutrition for older age groups.