Regeneration of Cooked Chilled Foods

Featuring Maggie Beer with:
Leo Gstrein – National Executive Chef, Compass Group
Module Description:
Whilst cooking fresh is ideal (and I will argue passionately for this), we need to be pragmatic and work within what is possible. Some kitchens are not set up for cooking fresh every day and opt for cook/ chill instead.
Advocates of cook chill and refresh will say the advantages are:
  • Uniform workforce
  • Buying power
  • Increased shelf life
  • Colour and nutrition due to being cooked very quickly and chilled very quickly
This is all true when the commissary:
Uses good quality ingredients
  • Utilises cooking techniques that amplify and maximise flavour
  • Regenerate with knowledge and care
  • Include final touches to give extra life to the dish, both visually and aromatically.
In this module:
Common ways to regenerate cook, chill foods
  • Understand the importance of timing and temperature in regeneration
  • Identify techniques for enhancing the flavour, texture and aroma of regenerated dishes.



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