Supporting Hydration

Featuring Maggie Beer with:
Dr Morgan Pankhurst – Accredited Practising Dietitian, Flinders Aged Care Food and Nutrition Research Team
Amanda Orchard – Chef, Maggie Beer Foundation
Module Description:
I have been jolted into action on this topic, after reading a prestigious study from London University which highlighted the cold drink preferences of aged care residents.
This study showed that out of 10 cold drink options, pineapple juice is their first preference, with water their last. 


This is important, because we know that not drinking enough can affect older people in many ways. This can:
  • Increase the risk of developing a urinary tract infection
  • Impact a person’s balance and increase the risk of falls
  • Affect the way medicines work – with many having a stronger effect on the body if a person is dehydrated
  • Cause digestive issues; including constipation
  • Impair cognitive function causing memory problems and brain fog
  • Affect the whole body and how it functions
This is compounded by the fact that older people are less likely to know when they are thirsty. Therefore, staff need to make a special effort to proactively encourage residents to drink more – not wait for residents to ask for something to drink. 
Aged care homes often focus on hydration needs in the summer months or when the weather is warmer, but it is something that should be focused on all year round.
In this module:
The importance of hydration & the hydration needs of older Australians
  • Food and drinks that count towards daily fluid intake
  • Practical ideas and recipes to support resident hydration
  • Special dietary considerations



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